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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Acuson P50 Portable Ultra-sound Machine

Acuson P50 Portable Ultra-sound Machine

Acuson P50 ultra-sound description

The Acuson P50 ultra-sound machine from Siemens has specially designed features that make it an awesome companion for a doctor. fully featured, highly portable, ultra-sound machine running as a Windows application on an Apple MacBook Pro notebook computer. It features fundamental and harmonic modes, anatomical M-mode, color Doppler and Doppler tissue imaging, and 2-D/B-mode. The Acuson P50 ultra-sound machine is power, performance, and reliability in a portable package that can be taken anywhere it is needed. The P50 is designed to enhance workflow, promote efficiency and diagnostic confidence. The Siemens P50 features a slide out control panel to perform ultrasound exams, process images, and generate reports

It comes with integrated echocardiography software and is designed for mobile applications in cardiology as well as vascular applications and use in the operating room and anesthesiology departments. The P50 can be used as a standard Internet-enabled PC that also runs common office applications. The system's flexible architecture displays excellent ultra-sound images and gives users a number of tools for image post-processing. What makes the P50 a complete all rounder is that besides performing complex tasks for the doctor, it allows them to perform the basics as well; like surfing the net making power point presentations and write emails.

Power, performance and a personalized system for your workflow needs.
The ACUSON P50 ultra-sound machine is designed to work smart in any environment. It features excellent image quality across a range of cardiovascular diagnostic applications.

Portable and powerful. Fully featured, stylish and the Acuson P50 ultra-sound machine weighs a bit more than 5 kg hence portable. the ACUSON P50 system can easily be moved to where it is needed — among exam rooms, satellite clinics, mobile imaging sites and operating rooms

Full notebook functionality. The ACUSON P50 system runs as a Microsoft® Windows® application on an Apple MacBook Pro notebook computer platform . The P50 is built off of an Apple MacBook laptop with 2 GB RAM, a 160 GB hard disk and a 2.0GHz Intel Dual-Core Pentium M processor. Slide out the control panel to perform ultrasound exams, process images, and generate reports. When not connected to the Internet, it has up to two hours of battery life, making it fully equipped for emergency situations.

Excellent imaging. The ACUSON P50 ultra-sound machine offers excellent tissue differentiation, high spatial and temporal resolution as well as color and Doppler sensitivity. This makes it ideal for clinical situations and applications where space limitations, mobility, and quick access to scans are critical.

Designed to enhance your workflow, and promote efficiency and diagnostic confidence, the ACUSON P50 platform is a win-win for busy health care providers, significantly raising the bar on portable ultrasound.

Available Transducers:

• 4V2 - 1.67 - 4.0 MHz Adult echo, adult abdominal, emergency medicine, renal
• 7L3 - 3.0 - 8.0 MHz - Peripheral vascular, deep arterial and venous structures
• 12L5 - 5.0 - 12.0 MHz - Peripheral vascular, extracranial vascular,
medium depth arterial and venous studies
• 12HL7 - 7.0 - 12.0 MHz Peripheral vascular, extracranial vascular, medium depth arterial and venous studies
• Aux CW - 2 MHz - Cardiac (non-imaging)

Clinical Application --more--

Cardiac, Portable, Stress Echo, Vascular
Better clinical assessments at the point of care.
The ACUSON P50 ultra-sound machine platform is designed to improve diagnostic confidence, workflow, efficiency, and patient outcomes across a range of clinical applications and environments.

High-quality imaging:

• 2D/B-mode
• Fundamental and harmonic modes
• Anatomical M-mode
• Color Doppler and Doppler tissue imaging
• Flexible stress echo exams

Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Standard features such as an innovative control panel with a slide-out ultrasound interface, on-screen menus for access to secondary controls, and optional SieVision imaging, for reduced speckle and improved visualization, greatly improve clinical efficacy and efficiency.

• Faster exams from patient setup to image review
• Store, recall and manage data quickly
• Fast and easy reporting

The go-anywhere, notebook ultrasound platform with a lot more than just imaging.
The ACUSON P50 ultra-sound machine offers exceptional image quality in a platform that moves with the daily workflow of busy healthcare providers. It runs as a Microsoft® Windows® application with an intuitive user interface that enables care givers to focus on the patient. The platform offers immediate access to analysis, reporting, archive, email, the Internet, and other productivity applications.

Easily slide out the control panel for ultra-sound exams and seemlessly stow it away for PC applications

Smart, powerful and simple.

Powerful, stylish and weighing under 12 pounds, the ACUSON P50 system is designed to work smart, enhance workflow, and promote diagnostic confidence:

• Uses both Windows and Mac operating systems
• Up to 2 hours of battery operation, with standby mode for rapid start-up
• Built-in CD/DVD, wireless and ethernet connectivity
• Store and retrieve files from the office network
• Supports multiple file formats including raw ultrasound data
• On-Screen Menu (OSM) for easy and immediate access to secondary imaging controls
• Cut and paste static images, dynamic clips, and reports to industry-standard applications

Big performance, small platform.

Despite its small size, the ACUSON P50 system is big on capabilities. The ACUSON P50 platform supports syngo® US Workplace software, which provides advanced review, analysis and reporting capabilities.

One system with flexibility and performance to help you do more.

The ACUSON P50 system architecture features all-digital signal processing, breakthrough integration technologies, and the only fully custom ultrasound chipset, delivering best-in-class image quality and scalability not possible with conventional ultrasound systems.

Flexible performance and efficient workflow.

Acuson P50 Features

The ACUSON P50 ultrasound system is a sleek, high-end Apple MacBook Pro notebook with dual-core processing. The system drives 256 beam forming channels and includes:
• 2D imaging in fundamental and harmonic modes
• M-mode / Anatomical M-mode
• Power Doppler mode
• DTI™ Doppler Tissue Imaging capability
• Pulsed Wave (PW) spectral Doppler mode
• Continuous Wave (CW) spectral Doppler mode (AuxCW Pencil style and phased array steerable)
• ECG trace in all modes
• Triplex mode available on all imaging transducers
• Selectable split screen display formats in 2D, 2D/color and 2D/zoom
• Flexible stress echo exams
• Fundamental and Harmonic Modes
• SieClear™ Multi-View Spatial Compounding
• SieVision Speckle Reduction Technology
• Color Doppler
• 256 Beam Forming Channels

Applications: Similar Systems: Options: Transducers:

•Cardiology •Acuson Sequoia 512
•2-D •7L3
•Abdominal •Acuson Sequoia 256
•B-Mode •12L5
•Peripheral •Acuson Aspen
•Color Doppler •10L4
Vascular •Acuson Cypress
•M-Mode •4V2
•Emergency •Aux CW


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