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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultra-sound Machine

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Ultra-sound Machine

Detailed Product Description

While it might be true that GE is the world leader in ultrasound machine sales, Toshiba has made huge strides in recent years and the company is now considering the fastest-growing in the ultrasound industry. That means that buying a pre-owned Toshiba ultrasound machine is a great choice if you want an affordable system that combines world class technology with a full range of great features. Toshiba has been around since 1875 and was one of the first companies to develop the X-ray machine, so they are not exactly newcomers to the medical equipment industry and they have a long heritage built on reliability and performance. In fact, Toshiba received number one rankings for several ultrasound systems from the independent medical research firm KLAS.

Fully configured with an expanded range of clinical applications and calculation packages, the PowerVision 8000 is optimized for hospitals that need a system to serve multiple departments. Instead of hardware overhauls or software upgrades, providers simply invest in a new transducer to extend the utility of the system. "Plug-and-play" transducer technology means Toshiba systems have a lower lifecycle cost and offer expandability.

The PowerVision family of systems provides a vast range of clinical applications to cardiologists without compromise. As ultrasound technology continues to advance with techniques like contrast imaging, the modality could become even more cost-effective," said Steve Sickels, senior director, Ultrasound Business Unit, Toshiba America Medical Systems.

Technology like the PowerVision 8000 is the reason that Toshiba has held the number one position in worldwide ultrasound sales and installations for 10 consecutive years.

The Toshiba PowerVison 8000 is one of the most technologically advanced and powerful ultrasound machines available on the market. Developed primarily for hospitals that need a system for use in multiple departments, the Toshiba PowerVision 8000 is preconfigured with a wide range of applications and calculations. And, this ultrasound system is cost-effective as well—rather than hospitals or other medical establishments needing to invest in a new system when software or hardware is technologically upgraded in the PowerVision 8000, they need only purchase another transducer to use with their current system.

With the Toshiba PowerVision 8000, you get an ultrasound system that can easily adapt to your particular needs. Instead of having multiple machines for different procedures, you can do it all by just changing transducers on the PowerVision 8000. It can store information for up to 250 patients, and you can easily view high quality digital images on the system’s 15” color display. The touch screen panel makes it easy to operate, as do the 16 programmable presets. This system has proven to be a reliable workhorse and UsedUltrasound.com can help you get the best price on a Toshiba PowerVision 8000 system.

Toshiba PowerVision 8000 Features

512 channels, Wideband Imaging
Electronic Convex, Linear, and Sector Scanning
Three Transducer Selection Switch, and CW connector
Transducers Triplex Capable
15" High Resolution Color Monitor
Touch Command Screen (TCS)
Cine Loop, B-Mode, M-Mode
PW, and CW Doppler
Color Doppler (both B-Mode and M-Mode)
Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
Selectable Doppler Frequency
Directory and Memory for 250 Patients
Dimensions: Height 43.3 in, Width 23.6 in, Depth 56.3 in, 529 lbs
The Toshiba PowerVision 8000 is a full-featured ultrasound system that is versatile enough to handle a long list of scanning procedures from abdominal to cardiac to vascular and more.

Price $9,800


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