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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toshiba Aplio 80 Ultra-sound Machine

Toshiba Aplio 80 Ultra-sound Machine

Toshiba is a company known for electronics and engineering. But, the company’s imaging technologies are some of the best in the world, and their ultrasound machines are used in many countries. Most people are likely not aware that the Toshiba company developed one of the world’s first x-ray machines in 1932—and that this machine helped to control an outbreak of tuberculosis in Japan. Toshiba has always been a company interested in developing medical technology in order to save lives. And, this is exactly what it has done with its imaging technologies. Toshiba’s ultrasound systems are incredibly powerful, yet also user-friendly. They include the most up-to-date technologies in order to increase diagnostic potential. Imaging enhancements as well as many ultrasound applications are included as well. Toshiba makes certain that their ultrasound machines are the best they can be before they are sold on the market. Some of finest medical institutions have Toshiba ultrasound machines. These include Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes.

If you are looking for an affordable and versatile ultrasound system, then you need to have the Toshiba Aplio 80 on your list. This model offers the speed and power of a system that is much more expensive. The Toshiba Aplio 80 ultrasound is a premium shared service imaging system. Excellent image quality and extremely reliable. This is a great machine for high use environments or where image quality is critical. The Toshiba Aplio 80 is an all-digital ultrasound system that offers lightning-fast processing combined with incredible image quality. The Toshiba Aplio 80 is easily customized to fit a variety of uses and it features numerous features to help both the operator and the patient.

With a big 19” LCD monitor and the power of Toshiba’s Aplio imaging platform, the Aplio 80 is one of the most popular Toshiba models on the market. Its Tera Processing Beamformer provides exceptional speed, and its programmable touch screen display allows operators to work faster with more efficiency and accuracy. The Aplio 80 ultra-sound machine has a unique all-while drive cart that allows you to easily and quickly move it between treatment rooms. If you are interested in this model, contact us today for the best deal on a Toshiba Aplio 80 ultrasound system.

Detailed Product Description

The Toshiba Aplio 80 Ultra-sound Machine has the following features:

19″ LCD monitor
Aplio ultrasound imaging system
Programmable touch screen display
All-wheel drive chassis for portability and easy steering

Toshiba Aplio 80 ultra-sound machine applications is suitable for:

Small Parts


Stress Echo
Advanced DICOM
Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI)
CW Doppler/ECG
Fusion 3D
Vascular Recognition Imaging
Panoramic View
Differential THI


Philips iU22
GE Logiq 9
Philips iE33
Siemens Sequoia


Advanced Dynamic Flow
Trapezoid Scan
MO Drive


PST-30BT Sector Array Transducer
PVT-375BT Curved Array Transducer
PLT-704AT Linear Array Transducer
PVT-661VT Endocavity Curved Array Transducer

Repair or Service Toshiba Aplio 80

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Sell Your Toshiba Aplio 80 Ultrasound Machine

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