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Monday, March 5, 2012

Toshiba Xario Ultra-sound Machine

Toshiba Xario Ultra-sound Machine

Manufacturer: Toshiba

Model: Xario

Description: Xario combines the highest level of performance with ergonomic design to meet the fast-paced demands of your daily practice with speed and diagnostic confidence. This powerful system architecture, whose intelligent components work and communicate autonomously, supports the most advanced imaging functions. Xario is also easy to upgrade, to keep you abreast of new ultra-sound techniques. Excellent diagnostic performance. Operator comfort that inspires productivity. And outstanding connectivity features. Xario, the prime ultra-sound system for a wide range of clinical applications.

Even though it is small and extremely mobile, the Toshiba Xarioultra-sound machine still offers all the features and image quality normally found only on bigger ultrasound systems. And with a big, bright 19" flat screen display screen, both the operator and the patient can see crisp and clear images in real time.

The Toshiba Xario a top of the line system that combines power and performance with the most advanced ultrasound technology available today. With Toshiba’s ApilPure technology, the Xario delivers remarkable image clarity with incredible speed. And you can view those images on its 19” high resolution flat panel display. With the SmartFocus system you can get 4D imaging results, even while using 2D imaging transducers. This model also features Panoramic View for wide-view imaging and improved visualization. This system is also available as the Toshiba Xario XG. UsedUltrasound.com has the best prices on pre-owned Toshiba ultrasound equipment, including the Xario and Xario XG models. . Despite being an incredibly powerful system, it has a smaller footprint than comparable systems.

Detailed Product Description

The Toshiba Xario Ultrasound Machine has the following features:

Volumetric imaging capability
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Advanced Dynamic Flow
19” high-resolution flat panel display
Real-time 4D imaging
Easy one-touch image optimization with Quick Scan
Fast Fusion 3D
Toshiba Xario System Applications:
3D Ultrasound
Small Parts


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