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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sonosite NanoMaxx Ultrasound Machine

Sonosite Nanomaxx Ultrasound Machine

Sonosite NanoMaxx Ultrasound Machine is one of the smallest portable ultrasound ever seen in the market. Comes with touch screen display, most durable ultrasound, only six pound weight. Suitable to carry every where in emergency situation, sport medicine, cardiac application and obstetric gynecology. The NanoMaxx® ultrasound machine makes best-in-class performance with affordability and simplicity.
Sonosite NanoMaxx makes physician and radiologist more confident to diagnose the diseases and pathology, also can obtain immediate clinical information, improve safety, increase efficiency, and decrease complications.

NanoMaxx Product Description :

The Sonosite NanoMaxx Ultrasound Machine has the following features:
  • Ultra compact and lightweight at only 6 pounds
  • 8″ Touch-screen interface
  • 2D, Color and Color Power Doppler modes
  • 2GB internal memory that can hold 50 images each for 40 patients
  • 2 hours of battery power
  • PC/MAC export configuration
  • Four preset pictograph screen positions
  • Drop resistant magnesium case
Dimensions of the Sonosite NanoMaxx:
  • Height 8.2 in.
  • Width 5.8 in.
  • Depth 14.1 in.
  • Weight 6 lbs.
Sonosite NanoMaxx Ultrasound Applications:
  • Vascular
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Cardiac
  • Anesthesia

Sonosite NanoMaxx offer five year standard warranty. For further more information calls sales NanoMaxx representative.


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