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Friday, November 4, 2011

Ultra sound Voluson E8 expert BT 06

By purchasing new ultrasound machines voluson we will save Thousands dollars, with various advantages such as:
1. Can work more efficiently, to determine the diagnosis more confidence.
2. Equipped with Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) suppresses Speckle artifact while maintining true tissue architecture.
3. Having a high-resolution four-dimensional endovaginal probe capable of detecting early fetus in first trimester and gynecologycal exam.
4. Probes offers a larger filed of view Increased spatial resolution for better visualization.
5. Innovations in image automation helps standardize image orientation of the fetal heart by Providing views automatically obtained from a single volume acquisition.
6. The latest innovation in image analysis can Captures a full fetal heart cycle beating in a real time.
7. Makes analysis and documentation with a simultaneous view of multiple parallel slices.
8. Built around your comfort, designed small and light, 19-inch-high-resolution, flat screen monitors.

Price: $ 150,000.00


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